If what springs to mind when we talk about the Ipag campuses as a symbol of school heritage and capacity for innovation is our Parisian campus located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près, then Ipag Kunming Associate Campus (IKAC) in China embodies Ipag’s aim to communicate, its sense of internationalism, intercultural understanding as well as its experience in international business to their students who will be spending a semester in China.

IKAC is the result of:

  1. a long presence in China and strong links of our school with prestigious and leading Chinese partner universities.
  2. our school leaders’ vision and commitment to meet our students’ personal, international and academic enrichment. The vision of IKAC is designed on the basis of three-credit objectives: cultural awareness, educational growth and business experience.
  3. Furthermore, IKAC is staffed with an international team that offers a unique service to Chinese students and their parents who seek advice in their future study plans, as well as to Ipag students.

Ipag Kunming Associate Campus strives, therefore, to offer a pleasant physical environment and rich academic program which:

  • emphasizes international and cross-cultural teaching and research methods that meet students needs in today’s highly competitive job market.
  • provides different social and academic activities to help enrich students’ campus life experience.
  • offers a complete range of undergraduate business, language and cultural courses all taught in English, such as: international accounting, international HR management, doing business in China, Chinese language, Chinese culture, etc.
  • provides safe and affordable student accommodation on the campus.

To meet all these goals, an international team living on campus has set up a series of thrilling activities for French and Chinese students to interact creatively inside and outside the campus. For more information about our campus life and activities, please check out the links below:

  1. Orientation day: IKAC organizes an orientation day to offer advice to the new comers,
  2. Off-campus excursion: IKAC staff organizes each semester an exciting trip to a place of interest around Kunming where our new students can discover the beauty of the Yunnan province and the cultural diversity of China.
  3. Athletic events: Yunnan Normal University, where Ipag Campus is located, is a outstanding location for our students to practice many on-campus sport activities. Each semester Ipag students participate in football competitions with and against Chinese and other international teams.
  4. Street marketing apprentice: In order to enhance our students’ academic achievement and to add some practical value to what our students get inside the classroom, we will organize a street marketing activity. This activity mainly aims at
  • putting theory into practice: students are given a platform to practice the academic input they gathered in the classroom, especially in the field of marketing strategy, communication course and Chinese language.
  • triggering the students’ sense of creativity to promote and sell a product to an international customer. • helping students develop a team spirit.
  • socializing more closely with Chinese students and learning more about Chinese culture
  • discovering other students’ needs, desires and ways of communicating.
  1. Chinese culture day: the aim behind this activity is to encourage our students to put their basic Chinese language into practice and gain a deep understanding of the Chinese culture. This on-campus activity includes singing Chinese songs, writing Chinese calligraphy and acting some famous Chinese dramas.
  2. Market research activity: this activity is designed and organized in cooperation with some Chinese or international big companies. It offers students an opportunity to immerse in an international business environment where they need to carry out a market research for a company.



Raphael Lissillour 李道安

DBA Program Director DBA项目主任

EMBA Program Director EMBA项目主任

China Development Manager 中国区发展负责人



Hassan Eziou 汉森

IPAG Student Recruitment Officer IPAG

IPAG China Campus Coordinator IPAG中国分校协调人


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Skype: ipag-china