"IPAG Business School relies on a 15-years' experience of running successful MBA programs which prepare our students according to the current needs of the employers. These programs also match with IPAG's strategy both in France and in China, namely to stay close to the industry and respond to the educational needs of high-level executives, thus contributing to the quality of management and a better understanding of a changing and challenging environment in the country, in our case, in China. Our philosophy is to keep improving the program according to the highest international standards, the requirements of the local market in China, and the continued feedbacks from our students. To deliver its MBA programs in China, IPAG cooperates with Euclid University, the only global and multi-disciplinary treaty-based institution. Via this cooperation, MBA students to to top-up their program with a EUCLID MBA degree.


The curriculum structure may be adapted to the orientation of the MBA program. The orientation is aimed at reinforcing IPAG EMBA students’ impact depending of their professional priorities.  Two types of MBA orientations have been designed, which address the distinctive expectations of the participants:

该课程结构根据MBA的课程培训作相应调整,旨在加强IPAG MBA学员依据专业优先级所发挥的影响力。 我们设计了两种类型的MBA课程培训,以满足学员们的特殊要求:

Functional orientation 职能培训 Sectorial orientation 行业培训

focuses on given core métiers in corporations


focuses on a given industry


Project management 项目管理 Human ressources 人力资源管理
Marketing 市场营销 International Trade and developement 国际商务与发展


Our faculty members are either PhD holders involved in academic research in their field of expertise, or professor with relevant postgraduate degree who benefit from a rich and successful professional experience and are involved in corporate consultancy. With such a mixed professorial corps, we ensure that the teaching team is up to date with the current issues and good practices of their professional field and the most recent scholarship concepts and theories. Our MBA teaching faculty is multinational and diverse so that develop unique and innovative pedagogical methods, while capitalizing with the over 50-years old academic tradition of IPAG Business School.


Our programs focus on the development of the ability to apply critically theories and concepts to practical situations while comprehending these management tools from the wider context of IPAG’s MBA programs. Consequently, a typical cohort accounts for 20-30 students from diverse backgrounds, which ensure an enriching experience sharing platform that allows for mutual learning and team working. The main purpose of our MBA programs is to help our students enhance their strategic thinking and innovation skills and prepare for leadership in their own personal context (IPAG MBA student list). Our academic and administrative teams support our MBA students’ successful learning and networking experience continue after their graduation as they become active member of IPAG’s International Alumni Association. After successful completion of IPAG's MBA program, our alumni are welcome to join the transformational process of our DBA program.

本校将通过其MBA课程,让学员掌握管理技能,重点培养理论和概念在实战场合的运用。学校开班人数为20到30人,分班采用不同背景学员混搭的模式,以方便经验交流,互相学习,团队合作。我校MBA课程旨在通过培养学员战略 思维及创新技巧,支撑个人领导力的发挥 (此项目在中国区工商管理硕士生名单)。我校行政及学术单位构建了IPAG国际校友会,继续为毕业学员提供深造机会,网罗人脉资源。​​​在我校MBA课程毕业的学员,可继续转而攻读DBA

I wish all our MBA students successful and rewarding MBA studies at IPAG Business School. 在此,我祝所有IPAG 的MBA学员,顺利毕业,学有所成。"


Dr. Raphael Lissillour 李道安,Ph.D

Professor at IPAG Business School


MBA Program Director