IPAG DBA at the Academy of Management, Chicago, USA

IPAG DBA at the Academy of Management, Chicago, USA

The academy of Management (AOM) is the largest academic association in management in the world, gathering more than 20,000 members all around the globe. AOM publishes numerous top tier research journals including Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) and Academy of Management Review (AMR). Each year, the AOM conference takes place in North America, usually in the USA, gathering professors, researchers and PhD students from the best Universities in the world. While Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley used to be the first regarding the number of participants, European Universities are more and more present.

Two of the IPAG DBA graduate wrote papers with their supervisors, Dr Emmanuel Monod: Alex Tian and Kefei Sun. The title of the publications are “New consulting theories for hypercompetition in China? Network Model, Hypercompetitive Trajectories and Institutional logics: a German company based in China”and “Broadening Socio-Economic Approaches to Management with power analysis and technology impact Bourdieu’s practice theory and electronic brokerage theory: The case of an electronic platform of a US company in China “

Both papers were accepted at the AOM conference 2018, Chicago, USA. These two DBA graduates from China are the first one in history that published at the AOM conference.














Dr Alex Tian introducing his research at the Academy of Management conference 2018, Chicago, USAPicture2














Dr Alex Tian as discussant during professional development workshops on qualimetric methods at the Academy of Management conference 2018, Chicago, USA

Dr Alex Tian was then invited as discussant in the Academy of Management professional development workshop on qualimetrics methods. Dr Emmanuel Monod introduced action research as a research method for case study research. Dr Alex Tian discussed the relevance of this research method for his company, both for contributing to research but also contributing to the improvement of the performance of the company
















Dr Alex Tian introducing IPAG DBA at the Academy of Management conference 2018, Chicago, USA

In another Academy of Management professional development workshop, Dr Alex Tian introduced the IPAG DBA. This session was titled “professional doctorates: a relevant contribution for improving life”. DBA and professional directors from the USA, Brazil, UK and France compared their best practices and the way they implement with the engaged management scholarship principles. The distinction between IPAG DBA and other DBA in USA, UK or Brazil originates from high level partnerships with Chinese universities and interactive research design workshops. The methodology of these workshops has been developed by Dr Emmanuel Monod while he was at the EDBA council in the USA. These workshops are focusing on a business problem grounded in reality, creating a collaborative learning community, mobilizing a reexamination of research assumptions during an extended relationship building, a unique way for IPAG DBA to comply with the spirit of engaged management scholarship.