IPAG DBA: a member of EDBAC

IPAG DBA: a member of EDBAC

Executive DBA Council is a community of over 45 programs across 14 countries which is working continuously to innovate in the fields of executive doctoral education, action research, and engaged management. 


The EDBAC was founded by four universities in 2011 to build a community of executive-focused doctoral business programs committed to collaboration and open communication of research, best practices, and thought leadership in our industry. We look forward to your participation in this community. 


IPAG is now a member of the Council, thus providing IPAG DBA with the opportunity to benefit from an exclusive network of established executive doctoral programs internationally. EDBAC is a great platform to learn about the best practices and DBA program innovation. 

IPAG现为该委员会的一员,因此IPAG DBA项目有机会从国际上较为成熟的工商管理博士课程体系中获益。EDBAC为了解最佳实践和DBA课程创新提供了良好的平台。

IPAG DBA students and alumni are invited to publish, present, learn, and get research feedback through EDBAC’s annual Engaged Management Scholarship conference. The annual EMS conference provides an invaluable meeting space for all of those involved with executive doctoral programs. IPAG DBA students and their supervisors get the ability to publish in EDBAC’s partner journal, the Engaged Management Review—a research outlet that focuses management research contributed by students, alumni, and faculty of executive doctoral programs. 

IPAG DBA的学员和校友们受邀在EDBAC年度参与式管理奖学金EMS)会议上作报告、互相学习,并获得研究反馈。年度EMS会议为所有参与工商管理博士项目的人员提供了宝贵的交流场所。IPAG DBA课程的学员和其导师可在EDBAC的合作伙伴期刊《参与式管理评述》(the Engaged Management Review)中发表论文,该期刊专注于收录学生、校友和工商管理博士课程教研人员发布的管理研究类文章。