"The DBA is a doctoral degree in Business Administration for high-level executives which is delivered both in our main campus in Paris and in China. The DBA has the same level of scientific requirement as the PhD and involves a high-level faculty, which members are all Ph. D. holders with numerous publications. However, by focusing on management issues and applied research methods, it aims to reach a higher level of relevance. It stands as a practice-oriented doctoral degree that combines the latest developments of management concepts that may have been introduced previously in EMBA or MBA programs with PhD-standard research method and an applied and interactive research design approach. In order to leverage the professional experience of the DBA participant, in addition to the traditional qualitative and quantitative methods, IPAG BS promotes the writing of case study and any other groundbreaking research method.

工商管理学博士(DBA)是针对高级管理人员开设的工商管理学课程,与博士(PhD)学位难度均等,由资深教职团队任教,教员均获博士学位,发表刊物无数。课程通过探讨管理问题和研究方案应用,提升了其实用价值。作为一项以实践为导向的博士学位课程,其衔接了EMBAMBA项目中的最新管理理念,结合了博士(PhD)阶段的研究方法和得以实践的互动研究设计方法。为了充分结合其项目学员的专业经验,IPAG BS 不止于教授定量及定性方法,更旨在提升突破性研究方法及案例研究的写作。

The purpose of the DBA is to fill the usual gap between academy and practice that cannot be bridged by traditional PhD programs. IPAG BS DBA program is adapted to Chinese executives, both on the schedule side and on the content side. Our Chinese DBA students can rely on an international research community to empower their research. It intends to gather best practices over the world and maintain the scientific standards at the level of the Academy of Management. This program takes into account the needs of local executives and developed courses regarding business culture and governance including Chinese characteristics.

工商管理学博士(DBA)项目的宗旨在于衔接传统博士学位(PhD)项目中学术与实践两者难以弥合的鸿沟,即学以致用。IPAG BS 打造了针对中国高级管理人员,从课程计划到内容都量身定制的工商管理学博士(DBA)项目。本校工商管理学博士(DBA)项目的中国学生可以借助International Research Community提升个人研究。本社志在收集全球最佳实践,并以美国管理学会(AOM)的科研标准要求自己。本项目参照本地高级管理人员需求,设计了具有中国特色商业文化和管理的课程。​

IPAG BS DBA is an opportunity for executives to strengthen their current employment position, support a career change project or leverage promotion to higher executive responsibilities It is also a unique chance to participate to the activities of IPAG Lab, a top-ranking research center in France, and publish some research outcomes in international academic conferences or journals.

IPAG BS 开设的工商管理学博士(DBA)课程,为高级管理人员巩固现职,更换职位及谋求高就提供了绝佳机会。项目学员同时将独享由IPAG Lab 这一法国顶级研究中心举办的各种活动,并借此在各国际学术会议或学报中发表研究成果。

In China, IPAG DBA is run in collaboration with Shanghai Maritime University, South China University of Technology, and Donghua University. IPAG商学院在中国跟华南理工大学,东华大学和上海海事大学合作。



South China University of Technology Shanghai Maritime University Donghua University


IPAG is now a member of the EDBA Council. Executive DBA Council is a community of over 45 programs across 14 countries which is working continuously to innovate in the fields of executive doctoral education, action research, and engaged management.  IPAG DBA students and alumni are invited to publish, present, learn, and get research feedback through EDBAC’s annual Engaged Management Scholarship conference. The annual EMS conference provides an invaluable meeting space for all of those involved with executive doctoral programs. IPAG DBA students and their supervisors get the ability to publish in EDBAC’s partner journal, the Engaged Management Review—a research outlet that focuses management research contributed by students, alumni, and faculty of executive doctoral programs.



IPAG是国际工商管理博士委员会(EDBAC)的一员。EDBAC是一个由来自14个国家的超过45个项目构成的社群,在工商管理博士教育、行动研究和参与式管理领域不断创新。IPAG DBA学员和校友们受邀在年度参与式管理奖学金会议上作报告、互相学习,并获得研究反馈。年度EMS会议为所有参与工商管理博士项目的人员提供了宝贵的交流场所。IPAG DBA项目的学员和其导师可在EDBAC的合作伙伴期刊《参与式管理评述》(Engaged Management Review)中发表论文,该期刊专注于收录学生、校友和工商管理博士课程教研人员发布的管理研究类文章。


Our students enjoy the opportunities to visit our campuses in France and French companies, which give rise to great discoveries and cultural exchange. I wish all IPAG BS DBA students a successful and rewarding doctoral process.

我方项目学员将获得机会,应邀参观法国本部校舍及各大法国公司,一探法国究竟,参与文化交流。在此,我祝所有IPAG BS 的DBA学员,顺利毕业,收获满满,一举拿下博士学位。”


Raphael Lissillour 李道安

DBA Program Director