The Colloquium are part of the services that IPAG-China offers to IPAG-China resarch community and all IPAG students or students to be. For the research community, it is a unique networking plattform, either industry or fuction specific. Our resarchers can recieve advices from experts,  expose their reseach topics and methodology, and get scholarly feedbacks. They can also meet companies, thus expending their research terrain. For the EMBA and DBA students, it is a great opportunity to share experience and to network. The Colloquium are also a way to promote IPAG-China and are a great plattform for all IPAG students and IPAG to-be students to meet each other and learn more about IPAG master and doctoral programs, and specific management issues.

2017/12/3 in Shanghai, Professor Emmanuel Vaast from McGil University

  • Affordances theory, Social media for organizing,Managing the openness of digital technologies, Practice perspective , Boundary resources, IT identity, Learning and innovating digitally

  • 可供性理论, 组织的社交媒体, 数字科技开放性管理, 实践前景, 边界资源, IT身份, 数字化学习与创 新, 架构, 边界对象

2017/11/19-19 in Shanghai, Professor Youngjin Yoo from Case Western Reserve University

  • experiential computing, trajectory shifts, institutional logics, innovation networks, organizing for innovation, hyper learning, layered product architecture, boundary resources

  • 经验计算, 轨迹变化, 组织逻辑, 创新网络, 组织创新, 超级学习, 分层产品架构, 边界对象

2017/10/21 in Shanghai, Professor Emmanuel Monod, key lab “data science and management decision”

  • theory of practice and online platform, ERP and social media, institutional logics and boundary objects, standardization of processes and boundary spanners.

  • 践理论和电子商务平台,ERP和社交媒体,制度逻辑和边界对象,社交媒体流程标准化转向:基于边界扳手的视角。

2016/5/6 in Shanghai, Dominique Bonet, professor and researcher at IPAG Business School

  • Circular economy in Europe definitions, legal framework and practices

2016/4/24 in Shanghai, Maggie Zhao,Senior e-Commerce Sales and Marketing Manager at Esprit

  • China’s EcommerceLandscape for Luxury and Fashion brands
  • 中国电子商务现状下的时尚与奢侈品品牌

​2016/4/17 in Shanghai, Ana Cedillo, Abercrombie & Fitch中国地区总经理, General Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch in China

  • How to manage a lifestyle brand store in the USA and in China?
  • 在美国和中国分别如何管理生活方式品牌商店?

2016/3/27 in Shanghai, Emmanuel MONOD教授, Adjunct Professor at IPAG Business School

  • Fashion and luxury in China: the influence of m-shopping and social shopping
  • 中国时尚与奢侈品:移动购物与社会化购物的影响力​