• IPAG教授将以英文授课,配备随堂中文口译
  • Courses offered by IPAG professors will be lectured in English, with on-the-spot interpreters.
  • 所有外语教材将翻译成中文并发放给学生
  • All learning materials will be translated into Chinese and then handed out to students.

项目时长 Program Duration:

  • 18个月(含12个月课程教授,6个月论文)左右完成累计60个学分的MBA课程,毕业论文通过后可获颁MBA证书.
  • Courses will be completed within 18 months (including 6 months for a master report) with a total of 60 credits. After passing the thesis defense, students will be granted MBA in International Trade and Development.

项目时长 Program Schedule:

  • 每月利用双休日 集中授课一次,每次授课一个课程模块, 另需完成一篇硕士论文。
  • 12 modules are delivered over 12 months in China one week-end (Saturday and Sunday) each month. Then, students have to write and defend a master project thesis.

参与学员           PARTICIPANTS

  • 国际商务人员、管理者或有志于从事项目管理工作的人士 International Trade practitioners, executives and potential executives who want to expand contacts and stimulate the potential for promotion
  • 对人力资源管理感兴趣、或想要进入国际发展有关工作的其他人士People who are interested in International Trade and who want to develop internationally

项目特色           Program features

  • 学习体验来自项目管理故乡法国原汁原味的人力资源管理理念,法国优秀师资亲授核心课程Learning from the best and most original International Trade concepts from France; core courses lectured by prestigious French professors
  • 可通过游学参访接触法国著名奢侈品牌企业和博物馆,扩大国际视野State-of-the-art platforms for student visits to famous French enterprises and museums, which will broaden your vision
  • 在项目管理领域研究创新商业模式。Compare innovative business models in the field of International Trade and Development.
  • 与IPAG校本部共享校友资源,广泛拓展国际人脉Sharing alumni resources with IPAG students in Paris, expending international connections
  • 一流中外师资,优秀导师团队,双语教学、周末上课Top-notch foreign and domestic teaching crew, excellent instructor team, bilingual teaching and class opened on weekends
  • 课外活动丰富是亮点!举办沙龙、酒会、论坛、讲座,适时为学员企业进行咨询管理The highlight of the School lies in the richness, advantage and colorfulness of activities.

项目优势           Benefits

本项目的优势在于This program will:

  • 帮助学员更好地在项目管理开展工作,扮演好自己的角色Give you a holistic view of what it means to work in International Trade and Development and how to play your role right
  • 运用最新的领导力概念和团队建设技巧,进行项目管理Help you manage your projects by equipping you with the latest leadership concepts and team-building techniques
  • 通过锻炼并提高谈判与沟通技能,增强领导力Improve your leadership capacity by polishing and enhancing your negotiation and communication skills
  • 帮助学员为自己的品牌开发营销战略,掌握推广技巧以提高产品的曝光度与知名度Help you develop marketing strategy for your brand and master publicity methods to improve exposure and popularity of your products
  • 帮助学员设计并实施市场调查并采取后续措施,提高产品销售额Help you design and implement market research and take follow-up actions to drive up your sales figures
  • 帮助学员分析并理解消费者行为,扩大产品消费群体Help you analyze and understand your customers’ behaviors in order to expand your customer base

课程设置          Curriculum setting

本MBA课程分为五个模块,共60个学分This MBA Program consists of 3 parts, with a total credit of 60:

第一模块(48个学分)The first part (4 credit /course, 48 credits in total):

  • 第一门课:《财务管理》First course: Business Financial Management
  • 第二门课:《谈判和领导力》Second course: Negotiation and Leadership
  • 第三门课:《跨文化管理》Third course: Cross-cultural Management
  • 第四门课:《沟通技巧》 Fourth course: Communication Skills
  • 第五门课:《研究方法与研究设计》 Fifth course: Research Methodology and Design Courses
  • 第六门课:《项目管理》Sixth course: Project Management
  • 第七门课:《人力资源管理》Seventh course: Human Resources Management
  • 第八门课:《高管(领导)管理和发展》Eighth course: Managing and Developing the Professional (Leader)
  • 第九门课: 《组织的行政程序》Ninth course: The Administrative Process of the Organisation
  • 第十门课:《国际管理中的问题》Tenth course: Issues in International Management
  • 第十一门课: 《商业、政府与社会》Eleventh course: Business Government & Society
  • 第十二门课:《国际商法》Twelfth course: International Business Law

第二模块Second part : Company visit

  • 明星企业参访——知行合一是本MBA课程体系的重要组成部分,将课堂上学到的只是真正实践到、运用到实际工作中,是学习的关键。对话商业翘楚,探寻成功秘密。
  • Visits to Chinese Well-known Enterprises: combining knowledge and practice is an integral component of this program. This program encourages students to apply what they have learned into practice. We offer the opportunity to engage with business leaders and dig into the secret of success.

第三模块(12个学分)Third part (12 credits):

  • 毕业论文 —— 完成30000字左右的毕业论文。
  • Thesis: complete a 30000-word thesis.


The requirements for the Program are alternatively:

  • 本科毕业 + 三年以上 作经验 Bachelor + 3 years of experience​ 或or
  • 大专毕业 + 四年以上作经验 Dazhuan (3 years associate degree) + 4 years of working experience

未符合以上条件的特殊申请者将另行评估。Individual cases of valuable candidates who would not meet these requirements will be discussed case by case.


  • 学费:88,000人民币 Tuition fee: 88,000 RMB
  • 报名费:2,000人民币 Registration fee : 2,000 RMB



Joan Zhou 周建华



电话: 131 13 651 295



Dr. Raphael Lissillour 李道安 Ph.D

Professor at IPAG Business School

IPAG 商学院教授

MBA Program Director